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Korean Salsa Scene: Daegu, South Korea - Where to Salsa on2

Elizabeth Murphy


Trying to find socials in Korea can be pretty difficult. This is especially true if you do NOT live in Seoul where things are a tad bit easier to find. In my experience, I learned of most of the places I know of by word of mouth. So this is my way of helping people have an easier time trying to experience the salsa culture here in Daegu, South Korea. (If this is too wordy for you, there is a video with all of this information at the end of this post )


Getting downtown

Take a taxi to the fire station, which is a landmark for this downtown area. I got to this area by saying “Sahm duk So Bang Soo” to the taxi driver. In case he doesn’t understand you, you can show him it written out in Korean  ( 삼덕 소방서 ).   " 삼덕 소방서" to my understanding means fire station. He will let you out near a fire station and across the street from a coffee shop called Bonita. Directly across the street from Bonita,  which is approximately where you should be standing, is the street you will walk down.  As an indicator of this street, there will be a 7Eleven on the corner.





Walk down this street. The first corner you approach you should make a left.  Within a 2 minute walk (definitely no more than 5), you will see a green store front with gold letters reading “The Standing Order.” Enter the building and bear right, toward the elevator and stair case.   

Korean  salsa on2- htjournals

Babalu salsa club will be on the right hand side of the street. As businesses in Korea are stacked on each other, I suggest that you walk on the left side of the street so that you will have a better chance of seeing the location as you are walking.


You will know you have walked too far if you pass a store called CNS24, which will be on your left,  and the CU, which will be on your right. Babalu is right before CNS24 and across the street from it.


Babalu, New York Salsa Academy, Latin Pub Shine, and Asurajang are very close to each other. The distance is approximately 5 minutes  from Babalu (no more than 10).  Here is how to get there:




Latin Pub Shine, Asurajang, and New York Salsa Academy

(N.Y Salsa Pub was formally Bonita)


 From Babalu, continue walking down the block in the same direction. Pass the CNS24 (on your left). Right before the CU, which will be on your right hand side, you will see a small alley. This alley is called BBQ alley. You will be able to identify it because of the large blue sign with white letters hanging between the two buildings that reads “2030.”

Walk down this alley.  It is a relatively short and narrow alley that should take you no more than 2 or 3 minutes to walk through. At the end of this alley, you will hit a small street. On this street, you will make a left. 

Cross to walk on the right side of the street. About a minute or so into your walk, you will see a 7Eleven on the corner. This 7 Eleven is located on the corner of the street the small street you will walk down.

salsa in daegu-Htjournals

So turn into this small street.  The New York Salsa Academy and  Latin Pub Shine are on the left hand side, but walk on the right (the side of the 7 Eleven) to be able to see the sign on the building.  The salsa club will be approximately a 1 to 2 minute walk (if that) into the block.  The sign is small.

 N.Y Salsa Academy info: 010.5503.0013



Korea salsa- salsa on2-htjournals

 Continuing down the block (but not walking to the end of it), to your right you will see  building with a deep walkway to it entrance. Again, walking on the opposite side of the block might make it easier to see it coming up. The building looks slightly deserted from the entrance.

There is a worn and weathered, red billboard reading “Asurajang” in Korean at the top of of the building. Inside here to the left, you’ll see  a staircase that’ll lead you to the 3rd floor where the club is.

asurajang- daegu salsa-Htjournals


Info: 010.2350.5055

 address via google maps: 18-9 Dongseong-ro 2-gil, Samdeokdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu





salsita- daegu salsa club- htjournals

There is a way to get from these salsa locations to Salsa club Salsita. I don’t, however, have that documented in a clear way to communicate it to you as of now. What I do have to share is how to get to Salsita from the subway.


From Jungangno  station leave from exit 4. Walk up these steps and bare left.  You will come to another set of steps. When you walk up these steps you will be facing a water fountain in the center of an underground shopping center.  Walk to the left of the fountain and the first strip you come to you should turn to walk down it.  This strip will be filled with clothing shops and such. Continue to walk straight while using the signs as a guide to look for exit 13.


When you leave from this exit there will be a busy shopping street (closed off to cars) in front of you. On your left there will be a large store called Olive Young.  On your right there will be a CU.  Behind you, there will be a busy 2-way street, followed by another shopping street, which is also closed off to cars. 

daegu salsa-Htjournals

As your back is facing the exit you just walked out of, turn around slightly to your right and walk along the side of the street that bares the CU. The CU should be on your left and the street baring traffic should be on your right. You will pass an eyeglass store called Lemon Tree, slightly before coming to an alley on your right. Walk into the alley and Salsita will be on your right.





If you haven't already done so, check out the facebook group for info on upcoming parties. 





Happy dancing! 


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