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Exploring Daegu : Mido Teahouse

Elizabeth Murphy

One thing I’ve come to enjoy in Korea are the coffee shops. There seems to be a coffee shop on every corner consisting of any theme imaginable. Combine a trip to a coffee shop or teahouse with a good movie and you’ve got a good day. These activities presented themselves to me this weekend when I went out with some friends from my salsa class.



After a quick lunch at an Indian place, we headed to Dongsung Art Hall to see Pavarotti. The art hall is tiny and easy to miss. So having the exact address to follow on a map will make locating it easy. Dongsung Art Hall is known for showing independent movies and short films. Once inside,  the art hall was decorated with old school filming equipment and camera reels.
















Mido Teahouse was another treat for us that day. The teahouse first opened back in the late 1920s, so I was excited to see how the place was maintained and the types of things served.  Located close to Jungangro station, the Mido Teahouse sits on a quiet traditional-looking street. 

















     Korea does not skimp when it comes to side dishes, so the Mido teahouse does not disappoint when it comes to serving snacks that come with your tea. Every table gets served a large plate of seaweed cookies and wafers. It came with so many that we didn't get a chance to finish them all. 

  The teahouse is known for its Ssanghwa Tea, which was surprisingly delicious. It gets served in a small brown cup. The steaming, thick, brown liquid is topped with crushed nuts, jujubes, and an egg yok.

 Check the video below for visuals. 




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