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Exploring Daegu, South Korea: Persimmon Festival

Elizabeth Murphy

 Persimmon Festival



From my last blog post, you all know that I love festivals.  Well, not too long ago I attended the Persimmon Festival with my friend, Bona. She is the same friend I went chestnut picking with.


청도반시축제  , persimmon festival, south korea 

This year the festival was held October 11th- to the 15th.  Normally each city in Korea is known for something unique. In this particular area of Daegu, (  Cheongdo ( 청도) ), they are known for persimmons. These persimmons, called “Bansi” in Korean 반시,  are considered to be very unique.  What is special about them is that that they are seedless. I normally stay away from seedless things, but I was excited to check out another festival  so I attended.


I found out after entering the festival that most of the vendors only took cash. So having an atm accessible there was perfect.  The vendors had plenty of things to sell. Items ranged from dried fruits, shakes, chocolates and vinegars- all containing persimmons.  It was all pretty exciting to see. There were even vendors selling other things like scarfs and pieces of clothing.


Some sections of the festival were broken up into small concerts and comedies, which was cool to see. We sat through a few dance performances and a few  comedy skits. Of course I had no idea what was being said, but it was still fun to be able to watch and laugh in parts I thought I should be laughing.


We ran into a photographer while at the festival. I first noticed him while we were walking around. It seemed as though he was taking a photo of us. Though I don’t like it, I am used to people taking photos without permission in Asia. I figured this was what he was doing, so I blocked myself a bit from the photo and ignored it. Later, this photographer approached us and asked for a picture.  My friend and I agreed. When I am asked I  feel so much better about my picture being taken.  After taking our pictures, He exchanged information  with my friend. Sent us the photos he took and also the link to an online website where our picture was attached.


By the end of the festival, I had a cute hat I purchased from some ajummas, and a  container of dried persimmons. I ended up making a persimmon banana bread with it that came out kinda decent.


You can find the recipe here.


To check out the video to my time at the persimmon festival, look below.

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