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Exploring Yeongcheon, South Korea: Korean House Pension Stay

Elizabeth Murphy

Chanel House Pension


In Korea, there seems to be so many different types of accommodations you can choose from. I don’t remember having this many options in America. While the language barrier can make it difficult to experience the different types of accommodations Korea has to offer, once you get that sorted out you’re bound to have an interesting time.


Not too long ago, I went on a weekend trip with people from the salsa studio where I take classes. We stayed at the Chanel pension in Yeongcheon. Yeogcheon is a cute and scenic little city in Gyeongsang Province, just northeast of Daegu. A pension is something I have never experienced until coming to South Korea. For those who are unfamiliar, a pension is a large, super clean, bare room that is only equipped with a kitchen, bathroom,  and sometimes a balcony and barbeque equipment. They also have ondol floors, which most places in Korea have. This means that the heating system is under the floor and not hot air blowing through a central air system. The ondol makes sleeping more comfortable, as there are no beds to sleep on in a pension. Everyone sleeps on the floor with blankets that come provided with the pension. This might sound uncomfortable, but it is actually really cozy! I’ve had some of my best sleep on floors here in Korea.


This particular pension house was one of many that sat in a cluster out in an open field.  Visitors either occupied the top floor or the bottom half of the house. There were two different entrances, thus two different balconies for the guest occupying the pension.  So, visitors were able to barbeque without having to share space and equipment. There were long pathways that meandered through other pension complexes. The walkways were riddled with fall leaves that made each step a picturesque moment.



The Chanel pension complex included a convenience store, norebang, a pool, and small rowboats. The pension was set in front of a beautiful mountain, with other mountains encompassing the pension site in the distance. A large area allowed for camping equipment, which many families utilized. In front of the camping site a calm stream of water could be found which, in the summer months, people could enjoy with rowboats.


Considering I went with my salsa members, we spent lots of time dancing, eating, dancing, playing games, and dancing some more!  There was a common area that we used to play our music outside and dance in the grass. We were giving quite a show to onlookers from nearby pensions.



If you should find yourself in South Korea, I would definitely suggest you stay in a pension, as it is one of the best ways to take in the countryside and get a break from the busyness of the city. Check out my stay below.



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  • I love to travel & have yet to make it out of the country. Korea is definitely on my list. I really want to try out those heated floors lol

    Aujha Aye

  • First of all I’m super jealous lol. What a blessing that you get to travel and see things that many won’t! I also think it’s great that you journal about what your experiencing.


  • I’ve always wanted to travel to Korea! In college, it came down to Korea for two weeks, or London and at the last minute I chickened out! It’s amazing to see so much culture and beauty around the world. I can’t imagine the amount of good food you had, I’m so jealous thinking about it! Korea is still on my bucket list, I definitely think I will travel there soon.


  • This sounds like an amazing trip. You would think sleeping on the floors would be uncomfortable. I wanns visit south South Korea one day, thanks for sharing!


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