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Hair Chronicles: Black Hair Care In South Korea

Elizabeth Murphy

Managing your hair in another country can be challenging. If you’re a Black woman, these challenges heighten. To combat these issues you have 3 options: 1- Pack familiar hair products with you to the country you are traveling.  2- Seek out the products you like in the country you’re in.  3- Have the items you need shipped to you. These options work, but can be pricey and time-consuming. Considering I do my own hair and I purposefully didn’t bring hair products with me (aside from black soap and eco styler gel), here are some reviews of Korean Hair products to save you money and time.  Perhaps these products will have the same results for you. (This blog will be updated as I try new products. )



 Korean Hair Products Tried



Mise En Scene Damage Care Conditioner

This conditioner adds a great deal of moisture if this is something your hair lacks. I‘ve used this for a pre-poo and a leave-in to set my two-strand twist and curl formers.



Elastin Moisture Shampoo

When I followed this product with the Mise En Scene Damage Care conditioner, this is a pretty moisturizing shampoo. What I like is that it didn’t leave my hair feeling dry and stripped of moisture after I used it. However, I’ve used this shampoo on a different occasion with a different conditioner and my hair felt very dry afterward.

Styles Worn in Korea:



Products: Elastin shampoo, Mis En Scene, olive oil mixed with black seed oil to lock in the moisture.

Method: I air-dried with curl formers and removed them the next day.

Result: These products together left my hair feeling light, moisturized, and soft. 

Side Info: This pic is 2nd-day hair. (Watch the video to see how I achieved this look.)



Thanks for checking out this blog post.  As always, swing by my product page and check out some of our products 

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