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How to Travel with Your Partner: A Vacation Survival Guide

Elizabeth Murphy

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I just came back from a vacation with my husband.  This was our first trip together and it went great! However, going away with your partner for the first time does have challenging moments! I have come across 5 key factors worth examining that might help others have an enjoyable vacation.


# 1:  Purpose

People travel for different reasons. This is true even if they are a group of people traveling together. Traveling with your significant other is no different. Find out from your partner what the purpose of traveling on this trip is for them. For them, it might be to see museums.  It could even be to eat local foods, or to enjoy the night life. Find out what this is and make it a point to incorporate what the both of you like into the activities you partake in. This way no one feels like they got nothing out of a trip they traveled (and paid)  for.


# 2: Control

If you're used to traveling alone, you're accustomed to problem solving and planning without much help. This is something you want to be careful of when traveling with your spouse, because you take away a bit of the adventure for them. Before turning down activities ask yourself, “Is this something I don’t want to do because I don’t like it?” Take note if you answer yes. Next, ask yourself  “Is this something my partner will enjoy?” If the answer is yes to both of these questions there's a good chance that you aren’t taking your partner’s regard into consideration, thus controlling the trip.


# 3: Taking Pictures with a partner

It is natural to want to take pictures in a new place, especially one out of the country to show all your friends and family when you return. However, taking pictures isn’t something everyone likes to do. Your partner might be one of these people (or it might be you!).  This might cause some tension because you want to capture lots of different moments (from tons of angles) with your partner (or without your partner ) and they won’t be as enthusiastic about it. Discuss their views on picture taking before the trip. This allows you to come to a conclusion about how this issue can remedied. This may come in the form of compromising on only 10 pictures together on vacation. And while the rest of your camera roll, might seem like you are on a solo trip, at least you will have a few for memories captured together.


# 4: Pace traveling - with - a - partner-

Everyone moves at a difference pace. Whether one person walks faster than the other or one person eats a little slower. It isn’t until you take that first trip together that you may notice the pace difference. This might not seem like a big issue, but when you’re traveling this could be annoying on your trip.  You might be ready to move on to the next activity, but your partner wants to look around a bit more. Rushing your partner along can make him/her feel like they aren’t experiencing all the trip has to offer.  The same can be said when it comes to navigating a destination.   Perhaps you’ve figured out how to get to the next spot before them again. This leaves them following you around like a lost puppy during the trip. That isn’t fun! Be considerate of how much time they need to complete and enjoy activities.


# 5: Picky Eaters traveling-with-a-partner 

As long as it isn’t pork or seafood I’m that person willing to dive into a plate of unidentifiable, richly, seasoned stuff! Nothing screams vacation to me like sharing a plate full of mystery. On top of that. sharing one item together makes space for other things to nibble on! This is typically the perfect way to squeeze in as much eating into your trip as possible. But what do you do if your travel partner isn’t into trying the foods you want to try? Picky eaters won’t match your excitement of trying new things. On our trip to Taiwan,  my husband was this person.He takes precautions and has questions about what he takes from a fork.  This results in me eating lots of things by myself- which means I’m eating less of everything else.

Instead of fighting this, embraced the issue by just eating separate things. If one person really prefers western food while in an Asian country and the other would like to eat at a street stall, eating separately is okay! Sure, it takes time out of your day to do this, (or time apart from each other if you decide to go your own way). In the end, though, it will all be worth it if everyone’s belly is full from what they wanted to nibble on.


Here, I'm sipping some traditional tea to wash down the large bowl of beef noodles from Argarwood, as my husband sleeps in the background waiting for me to finish. traveling - with - a -partner 


But here, as you can see, my husband proudly holds up a box of leftovers from his dinner at Hooters.



So before you count that first vacation with your partner a dud, first make sure you did all you can to make sure it would go as smoothly as possible.


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  • I glad you said that it’s okay to eat different things! So many people get annoyed by other’s palettes and can let it ruin things


  • Great advice for just wanting separate things if you are traveling with a picky eater!


  • Awesome video. Very insightful


  • Omg!!! The picture taking!! Hahahaha. Loved this article and giggled my way through it. Glad you guys figured it out :)


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