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To Start a Journal Use Social Media

Elizabeth Murphy


Yes, you’ve read that right. To start a journal you'll be surprised to know that what you need to launch your journaling journey is right under your nose. There are tons of different social media outlets now. Everyone nowadays has at least one social media account. Your social media has all of the journal prompts you need to open your journal and get writing. In this blog I’ll be showing you how to put pen to paper and get started! 

Now, when I say you can start journaling using social media, I don’t necessarily mean you should use these outlets as a journal- unless, of course, this is your type of thing. What I mean, however, is that your social media handles are areas you can pull from to find things to write about. What you need to start journaling is literally at your fingertips. Think about it, you are on it everyday giving your opinions, reviews, and commentary. Sometimes you do this while slightly censoring yourself, for fear of being politically incorrect. This is the perfect place to start.



social media 


I’ll be focusing on just the three social media handles I’m familiar with. The first one we’ll talk about is Twitter. Now I haven’t had a twitter account in a few years, but the idea of it hasn’t changed much. You write a post called a “tweet” without going over the restricted amount of characters permitted. If you were like me, you have to keep rewording and chipping at your original thought until it fit the required size for Twitter.

Turning this into a journal entry can go many ways. I’ll just highlight two of them. The first would be to catch yourself before you’re at this chipping away stage. Take this thought in its entirety to a journal. Spill your heart out on the topic. If you are willing to narrow down your ideas for a tweet (on a domain you don’t own, mind you), you should also be willing to expand your ideas for a journal entry (something you’ll have forever (or until you lose it) ).

 Have you already chipped away at your thoughts to squeeze them into a tweet? That’s okay. Revisiting your tweets to develop thoughts further could be a very fun and insightful process for you.


Facebook & Instagram

While Facebook and Instagram don’t have restrictions on how much you can write, these are still good areas to expand for journal entries. Some people are caught up in how many likes they have. If you are this type of person, you can talk about what you shared. Our Facebook page is centered around journal prompts and beautiful journals and planners throughout the BWWPC community. You can go into how people received the information you posted based on how many likes you got on the photo. Now again, of course likes aren’t a deciding factor when it comes to determining how well your posts are received. For some people, though, they are. If you are one of those people you can start here.

 For others that generally attract lots of traffic in their comments, you have a lot to go off here, as well. Why do you think your recent post attract a lot of engagement in the comments section? Did the engagement travel from the comment section to your DM? What in your post triggered these types of responses? Sometimes, we learn a lot from those that comment on our post. They might share a point of view we’ve never thought of. These are all things that can make interesting journal entries.




Never feel you need to pass up on keeping a journal. Not knowing what to write about isn’t a good excuse. You’ve done all the hard work on social media already. Now all you’ve got to do is put it in a journal.




 Aside from documenting my travels on Youtube, I like to get my experiences down in my journal. Check out which one I'm using below. 

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  • I love this idea. I used to journal everyday but lately I have stopped. i deleted my social media for a few months and when I felt the urge to tweet I would write the thought down on sticky notes and put them on my door. They are still there a year later and I should totally start grabbing them and writing about them !


  • I always loved journaling. Thank you for sharing this. As a blogger, I need to learn to use my socials to expand and tell my story.

    Thanks for sharing!


  • The way you described expanding on a tweet is exactly how I ended up writing 3 of my own recent blogs. This post had some very great info for people who ate afraid to take a leap in writing ❤️


  • I can see Facebook and Instagram as a journal but I never thought about Twitter or snap chat. And snap chat disappears. However I do love it when they come back and share memories from the past!


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