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What's There to do in Atlanta? : ATL Bucket List

Elizabeth Murphy

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I moved to Fairburn, Georgia in September of last year (2018). My city is close to the airport, which I love and not too far from Atlanta by car. The key word here is “by car.” Without a car, getting around involves a lot of Uber and train rides-walking is out of the question. In three weeks I am moving, and I am ashamed to say that I am just now, after 8 months of being here, getting out and enjoying what Atlanta has to offer. The good news is that the few things I have been able to see have been very memorable. Here are a few things I’ve been able to enjoy and how to get to them by train.


“What to do In Atlanta this weekend?”

The Atlanta Aquarium, Ebenezer Baptist Church, and Martin Luther King Jr’s Birth home & burial grounds are on every “Top 5 things to do in Atlanta” list for good reason. I was able to do these things in a day. All within 15 minutes of each other, these locations make for the perfect spots to check out during your next visit to Atlanta, Georgia.


Georgia Aquarium

I arrived at the Atlanta Aquarium really early, about 8:30. They weren’t supposed to open until 9 a.m, but for some reason this day they let us in early. My plan was to beat the crowd I heard about. Arriving early seemed to help, as I didn’t have a line to wait in. When I entered, I went through all the sections surprisingly fast. By 9:30 I was sitting with coffee trying to wait for the time the shows would start. I only managed to see 2 of them: The seal lion and the tropical diver shows. There was a dolphin show that same day, but by 12 I was ready to move on. The crowd had started to grow and so did my appetite for food. There was food available at their cafeteria, but it was nothing I wanted to eat.


*Take the gold or red line to the Civic Center on the Marta. You can find train schedules here 

*From Civic Center, walk down West Peachtree street Northwest until Simpson Street NW

*Walk down Simpson Street Northwest until Centennial Olympic Park Drive Northwest


After the Aquarium, I headed over to the ferris wheel. On my ride to the train station earlier, the Uber driver shared that there was a street car by the ferris wheel for  only 1 dollar. This streetcar, he said, would take me to MLK Center for cheap. The Ferris wheel was easy to find, it stands high right on the outskirts of Centennial Park.  The stops on the streetcar where clearly marked, so it was easy to know when I arrived at my stop, the King Historic District. The streetcar seems to only take cash, no Marta card. So be prepared to have some coins on you for less confusion


King Memorial

 My first stop in the King Historic District was the King Memorial. It was free to enter and had quite a few things to see inside. I was there for about an hour. They also had maps of the area available for free. This was perfect because I had no idea how many other things were in the area. With this map, I was able to find my way to Martin Luther King’s Birth home, which I didn’t know would be so close either.


Martin Luther King Museum/ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birth home


The late civil rights advocate’s home is maintained as a national historic site. It is free to enter. The cool thing is that it is still located on Auburn Avenue in its original location. I happened to get there at an okay time, the wait was only 40 minutes to enter. Groups of about 15 people were allowed in at a time. Each group had a tour guide that told you about each section. Sadly, pictures and videos aren’t allowed, but a few videos manage to capture some views.


My day ended around 5:30. I was starving and the only thing that caught my eye was a Korean Restaurant called, Kwan’s Deli. I Ordered Bibimpap, and it almost tasted like I was back in Korea.


Check out my video to see my day in motion. 



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