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Welcome to Our Block

It is April 2018. Most of my time has been spent fantasizing over travel blogs and pictures on   and   My bags were nearly packed and ready to go for my month long trip to Europe. There was only one thing missing. A journal. The notebook I was currently using had only a few pages left. That wasn’t going to be enough to hold all the amazing things I would see, eat, and do in Italy and Hungary. So I made my way to the nearest bookstore in Brooklyn and tried to find a journal for my trip. I settled on a blue, whimsically colored journal for the sake of having something. What I really wish I had was an image of something that resonated with me on the cover instead.


When I came back from Europe I was on a mission to create just that- journals, apparel, and other products that reflect the journal, planner, and travel lifestyle communities everyone can enjoy.


I hope this inspires you to plan a little,

journal some more,

and travel a lot.


~H.T Journals